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Miniature Shetland Pony Family

Miniature Shetland Pony Family

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There’s a new addition to the Miniature Shetland Pony family! The newborn foal’s ungainliness makes everyone at the stables laugh. When the groom fills a feeding box with crunchy apples, the foal comes right over and curiously investigates it with its muzzle. Meanwhile, the stallion and the mare have started nosing at the bag of feed while nobody was looking. The groom shouldn’t have let them out of her sight! The two Miniature Shetland Ponies are already energetically nibbling away to try and get to the feed inside the bags, which smells extremely tempting.

Fun fact: Miniature Shetland foals are just 40 cm tall at birth.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 2 x 7.4 inch (W x D x H)