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WHAT IS IT Handheld, lo-fi thumb piano recording device with loop switch, pitch control knob, and 1/8" output. Made in Brooklyn, NY

Guaranteed sonic wizardry, beautiful melodies, and non-stop direct flights to Awesomeville.


  • 3.5+ year-old whose first words were "is it my turn yet?"

  • design-savvy friend who has almost everything
  • teen destined to be the next Vampire Weekend

  • sound studio "secret weapon"


1. Hold the Red record button down and pluck the tines (metal teeth) with your thumbs.

2. Toggle the switch to the down position, you can playback your recording one time.

3. Switch to the down position for continuous play.

4. Press the Black playback/stop button to hear your recording.

5. You will be amazed at the depth of tone and range you can create by turning the pitch knob left and right. Just be careful not to turn knob past resistance.


  • Dimensions: 3” x 3.5” x 2” + metal keys height

  • 2-AAA batteries included

  • includes looping switch, metal keys (tines), ⅛” output jack for headphones, speakers or recording gear

  • 30-second record and loop time

  • Handmade in USA with sustainable wood